• Fuse Boards

  • Above is an Old School fuse box or consumer unit. Each fuse has two coloured dots to indicate different amps. A problem appliance will break your fuse wire and you’ll need to remove the fuse and replace the fuse wire. What a pain.
    If you have this type of fuse box you don’t automatically need a rewire, but you aren’t meeting current electrical regulations. If you’re experiencing power cuts regularly with an old fuse box it’s definitely time to upgrade.
    Grey cables with an old fuse box mean your property has been rewired. You could get away with an upgrade fuse board, but this will depend on other factors as regulations have changed a lot in the past decade.
    Bottom line, any estate agent or mortgage surveyor will say the property needs rewiring and this will maximise the potential value of your property.

  • New consumer unit are white metal with ‘circuit breakers’and an RCD (residual current device) – a safety mechanism that protects lives & every room (your home) in case your system develops a fault.
    Current regulations state all circuits should be RCD-protected. With an old fuse box you don’t have this protection.
    There are other signs your property needs a rewire such as sockets fitted to the front of your skirting board. The new regulations state sockets must be 35cm above the flooring.
    If you’re struggling to work out if your home needs a rewire, seek the advice of professional electricians like Electric solutions who will be happy to give you a free no-obligation quotation.